I've looked at lots of cameras, including some pretty sophisticated front and rear setups, 360 degree cameras and I decided to buy a very reasonable GARMIN Drive Assist 51LMMT. I like that I don't have to add another piece of hardware on my windshield or dash as the camera is within the GPS unit. I'm not totally sold on adding a rear view camera (there is one that is compatible with my GARMIN) because, well, I've never really come close to backing into something I can't see with the great visibility inherent in a small car like our Miatas.

I'm impressed with the amazing good quality video on my new GPS and it also has lane departure warnings, traffic updates, forward and rear collision warnings and lots of other features like school zone warnings, over the speed limit warnings (Yes, it even goes off when I drive), oh, and it even warns you to get going when traffic ahead of you has taken off and your gazing at your phone or perhaps your favorite passenger. :-)

I'm still learning how to operate the camera so that it will continuously video record without overwriting the previous recording. Yes, I'm reading the manual, but it's really long!

Anyway, I think lots of you might look into getting a front view camera, they're pretty cool!