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Thread: Request For Information: 2015-2016 Mazda 6

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    Request For Information: 2015-2016 Mazda 6

    We are reaching out to the club to see if anyone can provide us information on ownership of the 2015-2016 Mazda 6. Specifically the Grand Touring but any input from any model will be greatly appreciated.

    - Four passenger comfort
    - Power adequate
    - Handling and Ride
    - Observed Fuel Economy
    - Service Issues
    - Good compliment to the Miata in the garage?
    - Any other enthusiast input?

    I started the thread here as not to clog up the Yahoo Email list.


    Jeff and Diane
    Spec Miata Racer #62

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    No, I don't have a 2015-2016. I have a 2006 with the V6, so it's a somewhat different car. However:

    Handling & ride: It's what originally sold me on the car (my first Mazda).
    Power: (wouldn't apply to the 2.5 liter engine)
    Fuel economy: I've gotten 28 mpg cruising the interstate at ~85; in town around 24.
    Four passenger comfort: Great in the front; good in the back (Touring model).
    Service issues: few and far between; one recalcitrant power window and minor air leaks around 12-year old rubber seals.

    With 123k on it, I still love driving it. Good Win Racing's web site occasionally tempts me with suspension and engine mods.

    Hope this helps,

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    I think G. Briscoe has a Mazda6. Not sure what year it is though.

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    I have 2013 I4 2.5 liter Maz6 I Touring
    Ride: More nimble that other similar sedan. I like the steering feel, it is light.
    Power: I4 is adequate.
    Comfort: 4 pass seating seems ok. Seldom have people in back.
    MPG: For 6 moths average 27.8 MPG. I have light foot.
    Issues: Recall on pass side dash and pass side airbag.
    Interior: Cheaper than my Altima. I am not a fan of black interiors in Texas.
    Paint: My candy red looks great but 3 stage system impossible to touch up.
    Bought car 55K and now 68K. Did not pay much.
    I think is going to run a long time. It's my daughters car.
    I like the looks of the car. I like the 2016 looks better. 2016 has DI so better MPG.
    Does not have appliance stigma like camry or accord. And less $ to buy one.

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