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Thread: 90 Mariner Smurf Milestone - Finally

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    90 Mariner Smurf Milestone - Finally

    With some help from Beth and junkyards and parts suppliers after 14 months the old AT is out and the new 5 speed manual transmission is in. Bone yard 5 speed. New clutch, throwout and pilot bearings. Boneyard power plant frame. New slave cylinder and master cylinder. Junkyard ECU. New AC components under the dash. New heater/AC controls. New gas pedal and clutch pedal assemblies. All the wiring mods from Garage seem to have worked. Differential was not touched and it is a little "tall" gearing wise. I can only drive my driveway right now as car not Texas licensed.
    These parts are free if anyone wants them: heater unit, old auto tranmission and torque converter, old gas and brake pedal, old 1.6 ECU. I hate to toss this stuff but am tired of tripped over it.

    Next step is find a good paint shop and get a new top installed.

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    Fred, go see Barry’s Collision across the street from the former Jack’s Paint Place. Barry was Jeff’s shop foreman. They did a fantastic job on my Miata!
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