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Thread: Chassis Braces

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    Chassis Braces

    Chassis Braces

    "Yes, I diligently searched our forum regarding this – no help. Sooo…I wonder if any of you folks have installed chassis braces, shock towers braces, PPF stabilizers or any of the other wondrous products to keep our Miatas more stable in the twisties? I get ads from Moss and Tire Rack touting such products, which makes me wonder how on earth I’ve survived so long without them."
    Larry Stivers

    "WellI'm fortunate enough to have a son who knows about such matters... he got meKoni yellows and H&R springs as a set from Tire Rack back in October. Weput them on ourselves. Made quite the difference at autoX. Yes it makesthings a bit difficult... have to really slow for the speed bumps, but worthit. Too bad all the pros don't come with all the cons..."
    Dave Bouvier

    "The best thing you can do for an NC to make it more stable is puton lowering springs. If you do NOTHING ELSE, do springs and a coolantreservoir. Lowering the car 1” will make the biggest difference. And it willstill clear just about everything. If that is not stiff enough for you, thenadd on a shock tower brace and suspension end links. If you still need morebeef, then do a upgraded sway bars. Chassis braces and PPF stabilizers are morefor race and auto cross cars. Not the everyday driver. The stiffer ride thatthese items would provide is not the kind of stiff 95% of people out there want - who only drive this car on the street.
    Lower the car first then decide what else to do. I bet you findthat it feels like a different car."
    Stephanie Turner

    "My car was lowered about 1" with Eibach springs and it stiffened the ride considerably. It can no longer go through most car washes and you have to be careful with speed bumps. I put them on to lessen the "off-road vehicle" look the stock NC has...some of them look like they're up on jacks. OK, Lucas, jump in here with a two-page diatribe about my Scrooge-ness..."
    Ebenezer Swartz

    It's known far and wide I know very little regarding modifying any car regarding performance. I'm okay with that. Regarding this topic, it's amazing how some folks sit around trying to make the most successful roadster in history better. I bow down to the designers and developers of our Miatas and am satisfied with my car just the way it is. It corners beautifully, I've never heard Marilyn or anyone else for that matter say, "Gee, George, your Miata really sways around corners!" And while you may think I'm timid behind the wheel, I'm not. I just don't see driving in a straight line fast as an accomplishment. But I'll match anyone on curves.

    I think maybe you all looking to "upgrade" the best roadster on the market...well, you just have too much money, lol.
    George Lucas
    Editor, In The Breeze

    2012 Special Edition, Velocity Red (of course)

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    For me, if it's a regular maintenance issue, or a preventative measure, I don't mind looking into upgraded replacement parts for things that wear over time or from being used.

    The coolant reservoir was a smart purchase, I believe, and at some point I'm going to have to replace my shocks. As long as I'm going to that much trouble, it doesn't seem too far out to go ahead and upgrade the parts being replaced even if it is a little bit more. I don't know if I'd want to go any lower than the car already is, when I'm driving it mostly in the city and these roads leave a bit to be desired with all the potholes and what-not.

    My buddy (he's a Subaru guy) has a formula he uses when a part wears out on his car. If it's going to cost 70-80% to replace with a stock part compared to the cost of an upgrade, he will upgrade as long as he's going to the trouble of replacing.

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